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Denise Giesbers

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StudioTM Home DimensionsTM with Donna Dewberry

Donna Dewberry and Sculpey Clay have teamed up and created Studio Home Dimensions. Currently available at a JoAnn's store near you.

I'm all about tools! When I paint, I have to have all my colors and different brushes, and now when I create with Studio Clay I have all the greatest tools right there to help me design and create some fantastic pieces!

The Studio Home Dimensions certification was a three day course that was packed with lots of information and lots of creativity! We were instructed on how to make many types of flowers and dimensional pieces to decorate our homes and lives. The best part of this technique is just like One Stroke Painting it is broken down into manageable steps it all makes sense and comes together in the end looking amazing!

For more information regarding specific tools or products available please visit the Studio By Sculpy Website

Photos of samply projects will be loaded soon!