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Denise Giesbers

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About The Artist
Denise Giesbers has a passion for the arts whether photography, painting, clay or crafting in general. She resides in Forest Grove, Oregon with her husband and two little boys. Besides for caring for her family, she spends her days working at Pacific University, her alma mater, as an administrator and in 2005 she opened Priceless Creations which is based out of her home.
Painting & Clay

In 2005 Denise became a a One Stroke Certified Instructor and completed her level 2 status in 2007. She is currently working on her "Elite" One Stroke status; a very intensive home course. In 2007 she also became a Studio Home Dimensions clay Instructor.

Although she studied art in college it wasn't until on maternity leave with her son Trapper that she flipped the channel to OPB and saw Donna Dewberry for the first time. Donna, the creator of the One Stroke technique, was mesmerizing. She explained that it was an easy technique for people to learn regardless of prior experience.

As an undergraduate at Pacific, I was a double major. The first major I studied was Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance, which I completed. After a great deal of soul searching I changed my second major to an Art minor and studied photography, jewelry design, and computer graphic design. I always wanted to learn how to paint but was not able to fit it into my schedule. When I saw Donna on TV and she continued to say that it was farily easy and quick to learn, I decided to give it a try. A decision I will never regret. As a mom of two, working full time outside of the home, I needed something to relax and unwind with. One Stroke painting was the key. ~Denise

Denise thoroughly enjoys teaching and looks forward to meeting new people in her classes.



In 2005 a friend recommended her to a couple looking for a good but affordable wedding photographer. When her friend was asked why she recommended Denise she simply stated, “ Denise’s amateur photos of my wedding were better than my professional photographers!” Her friends words prompted Denise to change her status to professional.
Denise credits her passion for photography to her parents, especially her father. From the early age of 10 she would accompany him on his many outings to discover the endless possibilities of visual art in the form of photos.

“My father was a stickler for the little things. This attention to detail has stayed with me through my life. ‘Fix the chain on the necklace or put the hair in place if it was sticking out.’ These are words I live by.” ~Denise